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Life Crest Bill Helin Tsimshian

Life Crest Bill Helin Tsimshian

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Life Crest Symbols Bill Helin Tsimshian

The Raven was the first symbol and crest of the northwest coastal. As the creator's assistant, he created all things that exist - with mysterious trickery. This mystical bird is a symbol of prestige- a cultural hero.

The Eagle is a symbol of power and prestige while his "down" symbolizes peace and friendship. He is highly respected by all who share his environment.

The Killer whale is always regarded with respect and we by the northwest coastal. He is the subject of much fantasy and superstition. Legends encourage living in harmony with these mammals. 

The Wolf prowler of the night, travelling in packs to keep strong, supporting each other. Because of his hunting skills, many natives tried to assume the spirit of the wolf to enhance their own hunting powess and senses for the wilderness. some legends say the wolf is the land equivalent of the Killer whale because of the parallels between species social structures - travelling in packs and stocking prey. the wolf is given to show respect, it symbolizes supporting one another as within a relationship or a family 

This throw blanket boasts ultra softness from the Velura blanket and beautiful culture offering richness of colour and design.

100% polyester

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