Meet Rose

Meet Rose

Rose Russ has made her home on Haida Gwaii for her whole life. She graduated from Queen Charlotte Secondary School, started her gift shop business in 1987, and raised her family here.

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Hi Rose,
Remember me?
Dorothy Bellis’ daughter Donna’s friend. Many, many moons ago.
We use to fly from Toronto then I moved to Vancouver in 1982. I use to fly up quite a bit back then. I remember Uncle Ted building your store. You have not changed Rose. You look great!! I am still in touch with Donna. Dorothy is in a seniors home now. She is 93 yrs. old. God I miss those days. I have Noel Wootons print of Ted in my kitchen. I just moved to Newfoundland. Vancouver too expensive. Well, I hope this finds you well. I did see you with Jonny Harris on Still Standing. I would love to come back to Haida Gwaii. So many life lessons and fond memories and most important, friends and laughs.
Take care my old friend.
Barb Willis
P.S. Store looks GREAT!!

Barb Willis

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Jennifer Holland

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